Von Kreta träumen

This beautiful island is full of gorgeous white beaches and rocky coasts, the first three days had been very calm, I mean we had just relax ouselves lying on the beaches and siping the drinks with those little umbrellas in it. Those three day was really nice but it’s more than enough of relax, so the decision had been made, we are going to travel around the island a little bit. Next four days had been spent for travelling and I must say, We were impressed by beauty of it! We had visited and done hundreds of pics and recorded few reels of those very interesting places such as Chania, Maleme, Kolimvari, Gravamousa, Balos Lagoon, Phalasarna/ Falasarna Beach, Elafonissi, Samaria Gorge, Agia Roulmeli, Sugia.
And the worst of the worst things we had to face was come back to reality of every day life, It would be nice if „you can stay where you are…“ :)